AirWatch is a Swiss made digital clock, that watches your indoor air quality, and compares it to a Swiss mountaintop. AirWatch reminds you of the analog clock as we know it, but transformed into a piece of art, by visualizing data to inform you about your indoor environment.

The Swiss design stands for the quality of life you deserve and the pure and clean air of the Swiss alps.

As we all watch a clock to check upon the time, AirWatch is an intuitive way to become aware of and act upon environmental factors that fluctuate over time affecting your health, happiness and productivity.


Poor indoor air quality leads to inreversible health effects. Particularly the health of children, the elderly and the sick, is vulnerable.
People with respiratory diseases and allergies suffer directly from poor indoor air quality. About 6 % of the population has asthma. In countries and cities with extremely poor air quality, like London and Hong Kong, these percentages are higher than 8%. Allergic reactions and asthma attacks can be avoided by more awareness on indoor air quality and by undertaking effective action.

Poor indoor air quality kills productivity. It causes an employee productivity loss of 4% on average. Improving IAQ would lead to an estimated $14 billion (reduced repiratory diseas) + $4B (reduced allergies) + $30B (reduced sick building syndrom) + $160B (direct improvements worker performance unrelated to health) = a potential of $208 billion in annual savings due to productivity gains in the US only. Sometimes improving IAQ is as simple as opening doors or windows.


Allergic reactions and asthma attacks can be avoided by more awareness on indoor air quality and by taking effective action.

Increasing ventilation, opening windows, spreading your workforce over several rooms, and going for a walk at a pollution peak, are all relatively simple actions to improve productivity. But you can only take these actions when you’re aware of your environment.

When in a traffic jam, do you need to switch on the ventilation or off? AirWatch can give you real-time insights in what to do when.


Yoo-Jin Jung
Loves to understand and change behaviour through Design
Senior experience designer + innovation design engineer. Worked at INNORED (Seoul) and ROLI (London)
Royal College of Arts + Imperial College London – MA + MSc – Innovation Design Engineering | 2014
Chung-Ang University – MA – Innovation Design Engineering

Loulou van Ravensteijn
Loves to come up with and roll out technical solutions to establish positive systemic change
Consultant open data + Big Data + neural networks. Worked at Tractable (London) and Xomnia (Amsterdam).
Wageningen University + Imperial College London – Environmental Engineer – MSc Urban Environmental Management + Business Administration | 2016
Climate-KIC alumnus – European Institute of Innovation and Technology | 2014
Political Science + Future Planet Studies – BSc – University of Amsterdam | 2013
Languages: Dutch, English, German

Yuki Machida
Loves to reinvent experiences through Design and Technology
Design Engineer, creative hardware technologist. Worked at Verity Studios AG (Zuricht) and Microsoft (Cambridge).
EPFL + ECAL – MAS – Design Research in Digital Innovation | 2017
Royal College of Art + Imperial College London – MA + MSc – Innovation Design Engineering | 2014
Imperial College London – MEng – Mechanical Engineering | 2012
Languages: Japanese, English



AirWatch is based in:
– Zurich, Switzerland
– London, UK
– Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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